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We've been involved in the softare industry for over 6 years and have literally tried every registry cleaning utility under the sun for the Microsoft Windows OS (operating system).

With our wealth of experience and expertise in this field, we decided to set up this site to help you in your search for the very best registry cleaner by comparing the most reputable registry tools available along with providing genuine reviews for each of them right here on our website.

Top 5 Registry Cleaners

1. RegCure Pro
This is the best registry cleaner available right now, providing the most powerful features and tools for windows computers.

2. SpeedyPC Pro
Only second to RegCure, SpeedyPC does exactly what it says on the tin and much more with a range of effective tools.

3. Registry Mechanic
Over 60 million dowloads and counting. Registry Mechanic is highly respected and appreciated all over the world.

4. PC Health Advisor
A full performance enhancing package for your PC or Laptop. PC Health Advisor has many powerful tools & features.

5. PC Speed Maximizer
With over 15,000,000 downloads worldwide, PC Speed Maximizer is a worthy addition to any computer system with speed issues.


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Things You Should Know...

  • What is a Registry Cleaner?

    A Registry Cleaner is a software utility which has been specifically designed for use on computers running on the Microsoft Windows Operating System. It's purpose is cleaning and repairing the windows registry to increase the overall speed and performance by... Read More!
  • What is the Windows Registry?

    The Windows Registry is a central database within all Microsoft Windows Computers which stores all of the configuration settings and options for files, applications and also the windows startup. Because of the sheer size of this database, it can become problematic when... Read More!